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Our Speakers

John Gray

Dating Advice For Women 40, 50, 60 And Beyond

Mark Rosenfeld

Common Dating Mistakes Women Make

Johnny Fernandez

Being A Warrior For Love

Kyle Benson

Authentic Attraction: How To Use Your Values And Needs To Find Mr. Right

Barry Paul Price

Date MEN, Not Boys: The 5 M's To Tell Right Man From The Wrong Boys

Gregg Michaelson

Build Yourself And He Will Come

Jack Butler

Being Loved For Who You Really Are

Ken Page

How To Love Yourself First

Ken Bechtel

Two Myths & A Secret About Men & Commitment

Dave Elliott

The Secret Of Man M.A.G.N.E.T.I.C.S.™

Cary Valentine

The #1 Way To A Joyous, Juicy Relationship

Jonathon Aslay

Why Modern Dating Needs A Makeover

Mike Goldstein

How To Get A Man to Commit Forever

Guy Finley

Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together

Roy Biancalana

Fit To Be Tied: The 7-Fold Path To Authentic Intimacy

Benjamin Johnson

3 Things About Men You Need To Know

Todd Creager

The Easiest Approach To Attract Mr. Right

Joe Dunn

Overcoming Relationship Reluctance

Larry Michel

How To Tell The Truth

Barry Selby

You've Been Lied To About Love

Hemal Radia

7 Surefire Manifesting Strategies To Avoid The Wrong Guy And Have Mr Right Fall In Love With You

Hunt Ethridge

Insider Secrets Into The Male Mind

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Special Event Speakers

Wendy Newman & Michelle Marchant Johnson

Let’s Talk About Men!

Your Host

Michelle Marchant Johnson

3 Keys To Meeting Your Mr. Right

Michelle Marchant Johnson is a professional relationship coach, author and speaker. In her business she works with exceptional women around the world who want to enjoy a loving, passionate, committed relationship with an extraordinary man.

She becomes your virtual wing woman to 1) help you identify what may be holding you back, 2) walk with you through the potential landmines of dating and 3) provide caring support on your journey to the relationship of your dreams. has named Michelle as one of the Top Ten Midlife Relationship Experts for her popular advice. After decades of career success, but frustration, heartache and disappointment in her love life, Michelle got support, uncovered her own inner blocks to love and discovered the secrets that allowed her to meet her Mr. Right. She became an ecstatic first time bride at age 43 and has been married to the man of her dreams for over 12 years.

As a breast cancer survivor, she believes life is precious and is meant to be lived with purpose, love, and joy. She is thrilled to see her amazing clients meet, attract, and find love with their Mr. Right and enjoy a happy, loving, passionate relationship.

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