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Our Speakers

John Gray

What Makes Men Fall In Love And Stay In Love?

Evan Marc Katz

A Man's Journey To Love

Hunt Ethridge

What Really Works With Men

Gay Hendricks

How To Create A Loving Relationship Midlife And Beyond

Ken Bechtel

Follow Your YES And Stop Chasing Maybes

Troy Spry

Why What You Don't Know About Love Will Hurt You

Cary Valentine

Getting Things Changed In Love And Life

Devon Kerns

Be A Rockstar Of Dating

Johnny Fernandez

Men Of Quality Do Exist

Matthew Coast

What Men Want In A Woman And A Relationship

Dave Elliott

What You Have To Understand To Have Love

Bruce Musik

Love At First Fight

Ken Solin

How To Turn Your Dating Doubts Inside Out

Chris Cade

What You Have To Know About Men

Rick Wilkes

Juicy Safe Lovership And His Primitive Brain

Eli Deutsch

The Male Female Dynamic

Ken Page

The Key To Finding Love-Discover Your Core Gifts

Larry Michel

Living With Courageous Intimacy And Overcoming Chemistry

Benjamin Johnson

What Real Men Wish You Knew

Lion Goodman

How To Avoid Narcissists - And Deal With The One You've Got!

Your Host

Michelle Marchant Johnson

Let's Talk About Men

Michelle Marchant Johnson is a relationship coach, speaker and author. In her business she partners with women throughout the world who 1) want to start dating after a short (or long) hiatus 2) Are dating, but want to learn more about how to relate to and communicate better with men or 3) Are in a relationship, but want to make it even better.

Helping women learn how to express their feminine energy and presence and how to invite interaction, attraction, and commitment from a man is one of her specialties.

Her articles have been featured on many internet sites and she was recognized by as one of the Top Ten Midlife Relationship Experts.

She is currently writing a book entitled Meet Him and Keep Him. She is the host of the Ready for the Right Guy Global Telesummit and co-creator of the proprietary system for single women called How to Meet a Great Guy.

After many years of frustration, heartache and a journey of self-discovery as a single woman, Michelle finally found true love and became an ecstatic first time bride at age 43. She is married to an amazing man and is very passionate about helping other women attract the relationship of their dreams.

Michelle is a recent breast cancer survivor who believes life is precious and is meant to be lived with purpose, love, and joy. She is thrilled to see many of her clients find healthy, joyful, and satisfying relationships through her programs and private one-on-one support.

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